Notturno 11 (reissue 2013)

by Bland Vargar

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    Artwork by Bluttanzt
    Idea by Varg D
    Layout by Neromachete

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Reissue of the debut EP with a bonus track.
The three previous tracks are remastered.
Digi-cd out in 500 copies through Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions.


released January 11, 2014

Bland Vargar are:

Varg D: Vocals, bass, bells (on "Bivium"), field recordings, lyrics, concept

Varg C: left guitar, riffs

Varg A: right guitar, arrangements

Varg L: drums, percussions


Adam Van Maledict: Keyboards on "Preludio", ambient parts on "Bivium"

A. Epifani: Synth on "One with the Flames"

"Notturno 11" has been recorded between December 2011 and February 2012 at the unholy church in Casaliculum and SFR Studio in Reno. Additional recordings, mixing and mastering by Adam Van Maledict at SFR Studio.

"One with the Flames" has been recorded the 20th, 21st and 23rd of November 2012 at OstHello in Felsina by A. Epifani.
Fire sample recorded by Varg D in Orschwiller, August 2011.
Mixing and mastering by A. Epifani.

BV logo and wolf ouroboros by Sibilla graphics (r.i.p.)
Front cover by Bluttanzt.
Black Lake Skaffaiølo picture by Varg L, unholy church picture by S.
Layout by Nero Machete




Bland Vargar Bologna, Italy

Bland Vargar were born during the cold winter of 2010. The land was the unholy countryside of Casaliculum (Bologna), Shitaly.
Bland Vargar play epic raw black metal with some ambient and folk elements.
Loud and clear: Bland Vargar are against any form of Nazi-fascism and Racism!
Featuring members of Gravesite, Ancient Cult, Undead Creep, A Place for Murder, Devoured by Vermin among others.
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Track Name: Preludio (by Adam Van Maledict)
Track Name: Noir
Parlare per respirare
a cosa serve?
Meglio l'apnea dell'ignoto
Nuova linfa per dare un senso
alla mia rabbia

E' notte, ora vedo
Madido ed insanguinato
parlo alla sofferenza
Di tutti i miei sbagli
rimane una vuota vittoria

E' notte, ora vedo
Abbraccio la mia sofferenza
Di tutti i miei sbagli
rimane una vuota vittoria

Continuo nella mia ricerca
In avanti, eterno

Da un abisso
ad uno più profondo
Mi sono svegliato
mentre cadevo
Più in basso, oltre, il nulla

Di oscurità ammantato
In questo tetro inferno
Da esso traggo forza
Conosco il percorso

Ritrovo la rotta alla deriva dei ricordi
Non più ubriaco di lucide illusioni
Restano soltanto sterili sguardi
da cui delineo una nuova prospettiva
Un freddo abbraccio all'incognita follia
che si cela solitaria nella notte

English Translation:

Speak to breathe
What for?
The breathless unknown
is life blood for my anger

Here comes the night and now I can see
Drenched in blood
I have spoken to suffering
An empty victory is what is left
after all my mistakes

Here comes the night and now I can see
Drenched in blood
I have embraced my suffering
An empty victory is what is left
after all my mistakes

I keep on searching
forward, eternally

From an abyss
To a deeper one
I woke up while falling
Down under, beyond nothingness

Wrapped in darkness
In this gloomy hell
which gives me strength
I know my way

I have found my direction on the path of recollections
No more drunk on clear illusions
Empty glances are what is left
For a new perspective
A cold embrace by the unknown lunacy
Hiding alone in the night
Track Name: Bivium
Non gli alberi d'inverno
ti ricordano quello che è stato
In un tempo di sentieri percorsi
quando il dubbio non era permesso

Oggi ho pesato i miei passi, ora
Ho guardato queste mani di fango
di ferite seccate e polvere d'uomo

Sono folgore, sono tempesta
Sono le fronde e l'eterna pioggia
Sono l'acqua che scorre
Sono l'acqua che scorre contraria

Oltre la collina
si alza un fumo verso il cielo
chiama il sole della fine

"I miei polmoni respirano respirano l'aria del tempo
che soffia oltre le sabbie che ricadono" *

Dissipata ogni maschera
Uno solo con il vento
Il mio corpo fatto di nebbia
Uno solo nel vento

English Translation:

What has been
is not kept by the winter trees
On the timeless pathways
when no doubt was allowed

I have weighed my steps today
Now I have seen these muddy hands
with dried scars and human dust

I am lightning, I am storm
I am branches and the eternal rain
I am flowing water

Beyond the hill
A steam rises up in the sky
It calls the ending sun

“My lungs taste the air of Time
Blown past falling sands…” *

Any mask is thrown away
One with the wind
My body forged in the fog
One in the wind
Track Name: One with the Flames (bonus track)
I spent a long time
in front of the fire
talking with the flames
“One day I'll be part of them”
That's what I thought

The stone is cast
The reckoning
Who's wearing the wrong clothes?

I'm the one who will not betray
until my bones to ashes turn
My soul has been sacrificed
by the traitor's knife
but my words
are the voice of thunder

I never sought redemption
that would cast out the demons
Burn my veins
till the end
and then my heart
will belong to the flames

“Deep in the heart whose hope has died--
Quenching the fires its ashes hide,--
Its ashes, whence will spring and grow
Sweet flowers, ere long,
The rare and radiant flowers of song!” *

* taken from "The forest reverie" by Edgar Allan Poe